Clinical Peels


It is a combination of different acid types. This enables optimisation of results because of the combinations that have different characteristics and benefits. A cosmetic treatment that removes the top layers of dead surface skin cells, leading to a visibly improved appearance. Renew damaged skin with little downtime and visible results


  • Different degrees of exfoliation
  • Stimulating collagen and elastin fibres
  • Increase fibroblast activity
  • Correct sebaceous secretion


Our Clinical Peels are specifically designed for deep skin rejuvenation treatments.
Improvement of both skin texture and appearance as well its mechanical qualities.
After the clinical peel a wrinkle reduction and increased skin hydration is achieved, obtaining a younger, firmer, more uniform and luminous skin.

  • Lightening and reduction of skin pigmentation
  • Reduction of imperfections and improvement of superficial scar aspect
  • Skin smoothing
  • Cleansing of facial pores and reduction of acne manifestation
  • Increased epidermal thickness
  • Increased in dermal collagen synthesis
  • Increasedhyaluronic acid
  • Improvement of skin luminosity and texture

We have a wide range of peels that enable adaption of their properties according to each client’s needs and concerns, thus providing personalised effective solutions for different aesthetic problems – acne, photo ageing, blemishes etc.

Best done in a course of six treatments.

Some peels can be performed in conjunction with microdermabrasion or skin needling for maximum result. Some peels require the skin to be prepped with certain products for two weeks prior to treatment.

Age Peel

Is a Chemical Peel specifically targeted as an Anti-Aging peel. It uses a combination of L-Mandelic Acid and Lactobionic Acid that effectively target fine lines and wrinkles and help diminish imperfections, leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The Photo Rejuvenation Age Peel is a superficial chemical peel that provides great results with practically no recovery time and minimal redness

Beta Peel

Medik8 Low Irritation peel_rangeSuitable for most skin types and the ability to have the treatment all year round, results can often be seen from the first treatment but we recommend a course of six for maximum effect. The Age Peel can also be used in conjunction with Skin Needling Treatments for the ultimate youthful look.

Using a combination of the active ingredients Salicylic Acid and Dioic Acid this peel will quickly bring acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk breakouts in the future. The Acne Beta Peel simultaneously targets all three forms of acne: blocked pores, comedones as well as inflammation. By delivering the acid straight into the pores and follicles, it assists in keeping pores clear of cellular bacteria and therefore reducing the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin.

The best part about the Acne Beta Peel is that it can be used on other acne prone areas of the body besides the face such as the décolletage and the back. It is a triple action peel suitable for all skin types and is safe to do all year round and treatable on most skin types.

Mandelic Peel

Specifically designed for clients with darker skin, the active ingredient in the Mandelic peel is Mandelic Acid which penetrates the skin to provide great results for correcting skin blemishes, acne, scaring, signs of ageing as well as superficial and deep wrinkles. In the past, clients with darker skin posed a high risk of hyperpigmentation after Skin Chemical Peels. Nowadays, while there is a very minimal risk (as with any skin treatment) there is now a specifically formulated peel that is safe and effective, targeted to those with a darker skin tone.

Results can often be seen from the first treatment but we recommend a course of six for maximum effect. The Mandelic Peel can also be used in conjunction with Skin Needling Treatments for the ultimate youthful look.

Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic peels

The Lactic and Glycolic peels are very similar in their actions, but the molecules are slightly different. A good rule of thumb is the pure Lactic is best for treating age/sun spots and the pure Glycolic is best for treating fine lines. The Glyco/Lac combination is great if you are looking for a revitalizing improvement in tone and texture.

Glycolic Acid is the most active and beneficial of the Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA) in skin care and is made from sugar canes. It is the only AHA which is able to penetrate through the cell walls by virtue of its small molecular size. Once inside the cell, it will trigger new formation of collagen and turn on the synthesis of dermal glycosaminoglycan to plump up the cell and the ground substances in the skin to reduce wrinkles on the skins surface. Glycolic Acid also affects the newly forming keratin cells at the bottom of the stratum corneum causing the bulk of the stratum corneum to lift off and separate from the underlying skin. This gives the skin a much smoother look and feel.

The Lactic acid is a natural humectant which occurs naturally in the skin, and because of this it is able to pull moisture from the air and hold it in the skin. The Lactic acid is less irritating and more moisturizing than the Glycolic, and the Lactic can be used at a slightly higher concentration than the Glycolic, because it is not as irritating.

Salicylic acid is a mild acid that works as a keratolytic agent it encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells. It’s a safe, effective treatment for mild acne, oily skin, textural changes and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in people of most skin types. Mild acid solutions, such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid, encourage the peeling of the top layer of skin and the opening of plugged follicles, which helps re-establish the normal skin-cell replacement cycle. For milder acne, salicylic acid helps unclog pores to resolve and prevent lesions.

The Lactic and Salicylic peels complement each other perfectly. The Salicylic is great for acne, but is also drying, and works less well on fading pigmentation. The Lactic acid fades pigmentation and pulls moisture into the skin. So by alternating between the peels you get the benefits of the Salicylic without the excessive dryness, and you get faster improvements to pigmentation and tone.

Clinical Peels Prices

Lactic Peel - 30% And 40% Strength $110
Mandelic Peel - 30% And 40% Strength$110
Modified Jesner $120
Tca - Trichloroacetic Acid $130